How do I send GLAMASPHERE my pictures?

You should send at least one clear headshot and one clear body shot. Emails should be a maximum of 300kb. Sending a large amount of pictures doesn't help us, we will ask for more if we need it.

Do I need to have professional pictures taken to be considered by GLAMASPHERE?

Absolutely not. The pictures you send do not need to be taken by a professional photographer. Of course, if you have professional pictures, you are welcome to send them; however, we prefer to receive simple snap shots or polaroids, which give us an accurate idea, what you look like. We suggest that you have someone snap a quick roll or two.

Do I need to send a portfolio?

No. You do not need to send a portfolio yet. If GLAMASPHERE agrees to represent you, we will work closely with you to build your portfolio. Of course, if you already have one, you are welcome to send us laser copies of your photos.

Do I need to send a Z – card?

No. You do not need to send a composite card. Again, this is something that we would work closely with you to put together.

What other information about me does GLAMASPHERE need?

Remember to always include your basic measurements with your photos. If you are female your measurements must include your age, height, bust, waist and hips. If you are male your measurements must include your height, chest and waist.

What if I already have an agency?

If you are already represented by a professional model management agency in your hometown or elsewhere, you may want to first ask your agency to contact us on your behalf. It is customary for your 'mother' agency to arrange your placement with agencies in other markets.

Where should I send my pictures?

You may send your pictures to:


What ages and types of models does GLAMASPHERE represent?

GLAMASPHERE is a model management agency representing professional fashion models and commercial characters. We specialize in the representation of young adults ranging in age from mid teens to late twenties. Please note that some of our more experienced models are in their early thirties.

How will I know if GLAMASPHERE is interested in me?

If an agent at GLAMASPHERE is interested in you, we will most definitely contact you. Therefore, please remember to include you contact information including your email address and phone number.

Please do not call or email to enquire about the status of your submission. If there is interest, we will contact you.

Does GLAMASPHERE charge a fee to review my pictures?

No, GLAMASPHERE does not charge a fee to review your pictures. You should know that any organization which does charge a fee to consider you for representation is not a legitimate, professional model management agency and may be a modeling school, convention or scouting organization. Proceed with caution.

Does GLAMASPHERE charge a fee to represent me?

GLAMASPHERE does not charge an up front fee to represent you. Professional model management agencies earn a commission from their model's earnings. It is our job to develop, manage, represent and attempt to secure work for models. You should carefully investigate any organization, which attempts to directly charge you a fee to represent you.

What if GLAMASPHERE is not interested in me?

If GLAMASPHERE is not interested in you, do not be discouraged. There are many good agencies, and every agency is looking for something different. It may be that your look was not right for us at the time of your submission.

What if I have more Questions?

If you have additional Questions, you are welcome to email them to info@glamasphere.co.za, and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.